TECH NECK: What It Is And How To Prevent

TECH NECK: What It Is And How To Prevent

Posted by BigCommerce on 21st Jul 2021

TECH NECK: What It Is And How To Prevent

Tip 1

These deep wrinkles are usually the result of poor posture. Your head is deceptively heavy, and all that time spent staring down at your favorite memes can really add up. Remember to rest and reset, and try to read at face level.⁣

Tip 2

SPF shouldn't stop at your chin either! The skin around your neckline is thinner than your face and requires extra TLC with your favorite UVA & UVB ray blocker to shield itself from environmental stressors.⁣

Tip 3

Retinol, as always, is your superstar preventer. Wrinkles, dark spots and other imperfections can all be soothed by a regular application of your favorite Vitamin A serum prescribed by your local Vivo Skin Therapist!⁣

Tip 4

Treat these deep lines on your neck by a course of advanced skin treatments like chemical peels and micro-needling at your closest Vivo Skin Clinic.

Tip 5

Finally, you can encourage smooth, firm-looking skin by combating the problem directly with a specially formulated neckline moisturizer at home.⁣

Here are our top three:⁣

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For more professional advice visit one of our skin clinics!

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