It's 2021, and if there's one thing 2020 taught us, it's that working for a business of reputation and integrity is key to our personal security and the safety of our careers. Did you know that after lockdown, Vivo did not have to make a single one of our hairstylists' redundant? In fact, we took on 60 more stylists across NZ and are opening more salons.

WHY? At Vivo, we truly value you and your expertise as a hairstylist. This is reflected in every area of employment at Vivo, from our industry leading remuneration structure (you are GUARANTEED to earn more at Vivo!), the work/life balance we encourage and our national training program. We hold 200 yearly training seminars nationwide focusing on new trends, cutting, colour, balayage, styling, product and consultation techniques and skills.

Vivo is not a franchise - we are a privately owned company. This means we have a central hub of support staff all located in one place, supporting every one of our stylists and our salons through administration, marketing, dispatch and customer service. If the salon needs it, we have it covered.


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What is it like to be part of the Vivo Team? Here are a few real testimonials from real stylists:

"I’ve never been as happy, balanced and supported in my career as much as I am now at Vivo. There’s opportunity, support, great financial reward and most importantly, a sense of belonging."

Jade | Vivo Lower Hutt |

"I am loving it! Honestly, Vivo is the best place I have ever worked and I am not just saying that!"

Gary | Vivo Mairangi Bay |

"Vivo has given us, creative stylists, a platform to be seen and heard; we’re encouraged to
be our authentic selves. It’s revitalizing to see an entire country of Vivo stylists cheering each other on through our social platforms and inspiring each other."

Lizzie | Vivo Tauranga Crossing |

"In my career of 25 years plus I have seldom been more fulfilled as I am at Vivo."

Peter | Vivo Chancery Square |

"At Vivo, we have great support which allows you to love what you do, own your work and grow your career with amazing opportunities."

Angela | Vivo Bethlehem |

"Everyone at Vivo supports and encourages you. They help retain clients through advertising our work, they give you every opportunity available and allow you to express yourself in your own way in the salon."

Lauren | Vivo Devon Street |

"What do I love about being a member of the Vivo family? The constant encouragement from everyone around me. Vivo accept we are all different and encourage us to be in charge of our own destiny."

Chrissy | Vivo National Educator |

"Vivo as a company is so amazing and offer so many opportunities for all of us and are so supportive of anything for our careers as hairdressers. And don't forget about the people, to me they are like family! It's a big company to be able to connect with so many other hairdressers in New Zealand."

Ashley | Vivo Upper Hutt |

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KNOW YOUR WORTH: Don't settle for anything less


At Vivo, we know how much you give to our industry as a hairstylist. We passionately believe that you should be rewarded for the skill, passion and dedication you put into your career! So, we have developed remuneration structure that is transparent, simple and truly rewarding.

Try our 'Know Your Worth' calculator below to see what you could be earning as a hairstylist at Vivo, and don't settle for anything less than you're worth.

Working on a Visa? If the person applying for this role is a migrant, Vivo will consider setting a fixed wage rate that will meet the relevant visa conditions.