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Welcome to
Vivo Hair Salon and Skin Clinic

We talk with salon owner James Carlisle on the evolution of Vivo Hair Salon and how they are revolutionising the hairdressing industry.

Life at Vivo is a celebration of memorable moments, where every day brings heartwarming hair transformations, spontaneous laughter, and fun. We’re proud to have created a home, a family, and a community for both our team and our clients.

Here, we invite you to step behind the scenes and explore our world. From our humble beginnings to where we are today, we’d love to warmly welcome you to Vivo.

How it all began

Founded in 2010, Vivo Hair Salons is still run by its co-founder and Managing Director, James Carlisle, and is fully owned by the Carlisle Family and private equity firm Castlerock Partners. 

At the age of 14, James Carlisle left school and embarked on his journey into the world of business, starting with a job at the iconic New Zealand department store, DEKA. By the time he was 18, James had already purchased his first business—a pizza shop. From the outset, he was drawn to business as an outlet for creativity and innovation.

After working as a buyer for Dick Smith Electronics and Progressive Enterprises for a few years, James and his wife, who is an optometrist, bought the optometry practice where she was working in Remuera, Auckland. They joined forces with the Mason family and started buying up optometry practices, eventually becoming one of the largest optometry groups in New Zealand. In 2010, they exited the optometry business with a successful trade sale to OPSM and the two families started Vivo Hair Salons.

Vivo began with a simple idea: give hairdressers and beauticians the freedom to be their best selves. It started by creating a place where talented, creative, and hardworking professionals could thrive. The first Vivo Beauty Salon opened its doors in the Auckland suburb of Albany, followed days later by further beauty salons in Meadowbank and Takapuna. A few months later the first Vivo Hair Salon opened in St Heliers, followed by more hair salons in Remuera and Orewa.  

The first three Vivo Salons featured a bright green logo with white lettering. However, when the first hair salon in St Heliers was opened, this was changed to the current Vivo black-and-white branding. Fast forward over a decade and there are now 83 Vivo salons across New Zealand, with over 600 team members. 


What makes Vivo, Vivo

At Vivo, we’ve always lived by two key principles: client satisfaction and a positive work environment. Happy stylists make happy clients – it’s as simple as that. 

Throughout everything we do, we’re guided by our values of “Grow It, Love It, Own It.”

Since our very first salon, we’ve been all about encouraging personal and professional growth, sharing our passion for the craft, and taking pride in what we do. This means every client enjoys the best possible experience with the same high standard of service, professionalism, and care. We provide a supportive environment where our stylists can chase their dreams. We offer regular training, a steady stream of clients, and a team that’s got their back.

Success stories? We’ve got plenty! Like the time one of our talented hairdressers tried another salon, only to call us a few days later saying, “Please, take me back!” She’s been with us for ten years now, and we love having her on the Vivo team.

Vivo employs 650 staff in 80 salons across NZ, with a team of talented Regional Managers supporting them.

Client-Focused Approach

Before we ever pick up the scissors, we take the time to get to know you and what you are looking for. Why? Because we want to not only match your expectations but exceed them! It’s your hair, and we want you to love it. That’s the famous Vivo, “Hair you love, guaranteed” promise.

Our dedication to communication and thorough consultations ensures every client leaves our salon feeling listened to, valued, and confident.



Professional Development and Continuous Learning

We heavily invest in our stylists’ development with ongoing training seminars and educational resources. E-learning, modules, and live events - we do it all. We also love backing our emerging stylists and apprentices, providing them with essential experience and education to help them grow their careers.

And with our amazing support and management team handling the nitty-gritty and day-to-day, our stylists can focus on what they do best: making you look fabulous.


Daily Life at Vivo

For us, no two days have been the same, and that’s just how we like it. 

We take pride in the strong bonds we’ve built within our team. New members are welcomed with open arms and quickly become part of the Vivo family. It’s a place where you can be yourself, pursue your dreams, and grow alongside supportive colleagues who cheer you on every step of the way. 

We also remember to recognise our achievements, from big awards like becoming finalists at the Westpac Business Awards for Excellence in Customer Services, to small victories like getting everyone to agree on the perfect playlist for the day. There’s always a sense of “we got this” in the air, turning even the busiest days into victories. 

And need a quick pick-me-up? Our coffee is legendary, and there’s always someone ready to share a funny story or lend a helping hand. As one of our team members puts it, “I feel proud to be part of a company that prioritises the care of people.”

Hairdressing and Skincare Excellence

Since that single salon opened all those years ago, Vivo has continually been striving to innovate and be a trailblazer in the industry. Fourteen years ago, we came up with the unique concept of packages suited to both new and existing customers, allowing you to book in for everything from a colour and cut to a classic balayage and cut. Over 70,000 happy customers later, and these are still the backbone of our services.


We believe that great hair starts with great hairdressers, and we have a diverse team to cater to every customer's style and preference. Love a chat and a classic cut? Or perhaps you prefer to sit back quietly and watch your stylist work their magic on a fabulous new style? However you’d like your salon experience to be, we’re here to be it for you. And the best part is, if you’re not sure who to book with, our fantastic customer service team know all our hairdressers so well, that they can easily match you with your perfect Vivo stylist. 


We also have 8 skin clinics across the country, with talented skincare professionals who will pamper you and leave your skin glowing. We’re particularly proud of our innovative Skin30 peel treatments!

Join the Vivo Family

Ask our clients why they keep coming back, and you’ll hear about more than just great haircuts and glowing skin. They love the vibrant atmosphere, the friendly conversation, and the genuine care they receive. Our clients are part of our extended family, and we make sure they feel that connection every time they visit.

Over the years, Vivo has grown from a single salon into a thriving community, thanks to the passion and dedication of our team and the unwavering support of those who we welcome through our doors.

Come visit us at any of our salons nationwide, where our talented stylists and skincare experts are excited to provide you with the exceptional service and personalised care you deserve. Whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth, we promise to make it special.

We can’t wait to see you at the salon.