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Vivo Skin Clinic offer free, no obligation skin consultation - the best way to meet your Skin Therapist and get expert advice on a range of advanced skin treatments available at our Vivo Skin Clinics.

Want to know more about your Free Skin Consultation?

Preparation: Please arrive at the salon with no make-up applied

Duration: Your free Skin Consultation will take 15-30 mins. One of our highly trained Skin Therapist will listen as you discuss your skin concerns, identify your skin type and ask you what you would like to achieve. Our skin consultation allows a much deeper look at your skin by using a skin diagnostic device, we use this to analyze the skin much deeper than the naked eye can see, an important step in helping you on your skin health journey.

After: Based on your skin consultation and analysis, your Skin Therapist will recommend a tailored treatment plan and home care skin regime. Our FREE Skin Consultations are no-obligation, so you have nothing to lose!

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