Hauntingly Beautiful: Show-Stopping Halloween Colour Looks

Hauntingly Beautiful: Show-Stopping Halloween Colour Looks

Posted by Vivo Online Store on 26th Oct 2023

Hauntingly Beautiful: Show-Stopping Halloween Colour Looks

As the witching hour approaches and Halloween shadows loom, it's time to transform your tresses into whatever you can imagine with Vivo’s range of semi-permanent colour products. Let’s unveil the secrets to creating spellbinding Halloween hairstyles – we’ve chosen 4 fabulous colours to inspire your next dress-up or Halloween hairstyle!

NOTE: For hair toning products, don't expect intensely bright results unless your hair is pre-lightened.

1. Transform into Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls


Product: Keracolor Color + Clenditioner - Lemon or Lust Semi Colour - Ripe Lemon.

Unleash your inner superhero with a brilliant burst of yellow! Embody Bubbles’ vibrant spirit with the Keracolor Color + Clenditioner in Lemon. This fabulous pigment brings out a bright, lively yellow, perfect for your Bubbles-inspired Halloween look.

2. Step into the Shoes of Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Product: Lust Semi Colour Electric Violet, or Keracolor Color + Clenditioner - Purple.

These vibrant purple pigments invite a vibrant transformation, “You’re turning Violet, Violet”.

3. Join the Smurf village!


Product: Lust Semi Color - Blue Horizon, Sky Blue or Royal Blue.

The ultimate smurfette look is blue from head to toe. You’ll be memorable with this blue look!

4. Get your Little Mermaid hair goals!


Product: De Lorenzo Novafusion Shampoo - Cherry Red, Evo Fabuloso Colour Intensifying Conditioner - Purple Red, or Lust Semi Colour - Cherry Red.

These toning products revive your red, perfect for a boost of red for any event where seashells and sequins start the party.


This Halloween, the only limit is your imagination! Vivo range of hair’s pigment colours are your secret weapon to breathe life into your most enchanting and bewitching Halloween looks. 

And if you're after a longer-lasting bright colour look, book your free consultation with one of our Creative Colour Experts at your closest Vivo Salon!

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