New Kerasilk: Believe in What Your Hair Can be

New Kerasilk: Believe in What Your Hair Can be

Posted by Vivo Hair Salons on 8th Jan 2023

NEW KERASILK: Believe in What Your Hair Can Be

Meet the new KERASILK!

Pioneering the use of silk protein in hair care and reimagining it with biotechnology for today, Kerasilk is a game-changer in the realm of luxurious haircare. All KERASILK formulas are infused with KERASILK Silk+ Technology, which combines KERASILK's exclusive Biomimetic Silk with carefully selected high-potency ingredients and enhancers, resulting in hair that is as strong as it is beautiful. 100% vegan and climate certified, KERASILK is committed to ethical and sustainable practices. Experience the transformative power of Kerasilk and unlock the true potential of your hair.

To make your haircare journey even more effortless, here's the handy product conversion chart. Unsure which product is right for you? Simply refer to the chart below to find the perfect match or pop in to your local Vivo Salon and ask your Vivo stylist for personalized recommendations.

Goldwell Kerasilk to New Kerasilk Retail Product Conversion Chart

Kerasilk Control

Kerasilk Reconstruct

Kerasilk Color

Kerasilk Repower

Kerasilk Revitalize

Kerasilk Style

Kerasilk Dry Shampoo

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