MICRO-NEEDLING: What is a Dermal Needling Pen?

MICRO-NEEDLING: What is a Dermal Needling Pen?

Posted by BigCommerce on 1st Jun 2021

MICRO-NEEDLING: What is a Dermal Needling Pen?

It's not a secret that micro-needling (or dermal needling) is one of the most effective treatments at Vivo Skin Clinics to get dramatic changes to the appearance of your complexion.

What is a Dermal Needling Pen?

This is an automatic micro-needling device that really takes the best of micro-needling and makes it a super-targeted superweapon for skin concerns!

How does it work?

Dermal Needling pen is a small motorized hand-held device, consisting of 12 needles. When applied to an area of the skin, these needles cause microscopic punctures to the surface of the epidermis. The body’s natural healing response will be initiated and the skin will promote skin repair by stimulating growth factors that will, in turn, lead to the generation of collagen and elastin. Fresh, younger-looking skin is the end result.

Stevie-Ann Doyle, Senior Skin Therapist at Vivo Skin Clinic Remuera (Auckland) is a big fan of the CITpro Dermal Needling pens we use at our Skin Clinics. She says, “I love doing skin needling with our dermal needling device! It’s great for clients with specific concerns such as deeper scarring, wrinkles and pigmentation. With the dermal needling pen you can adjust the needle depth throughout the treatment as you encounter these concerns. For example, if I see a darker patch of pigment I will go higher with the needle depth and then make it smaller for the rest of the skin.” It takes about a week for the result to become really noticeable, and at this stage a visible difference should be apparent. “It makes clients want more!".

It’s not just for clients with age-related skin concerns though. Stevie says, “I have treated clients from as young as 14 for their acne concerns. It treats their scarring earlier rather than later in their life, while their skin is still young and collagen production most efficient. This achieves the best results for them.

Micro-needling can be really effective for the treatment of all kinds of scarring and stretch marks. When the skin forms a scar or a stretch mark, and the dermal needling pen punctures this area, a new healing process will begin and damaged skin replaced with new skin.

Micro-Needling Service is available at Vivo Skin Clinics all over New Zealand.

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