Celebrate the skin you’re in - and how it changes through your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s

Celebrate the skin you’re in - and how it changes through your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s

Posted by BigCommerce on 20th Aug 2021

Celebrate the skin you’re in - and how it changes through your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s

When you get down to the facts, your skin is actually pretty incredible! It does a heck of a lot for us on a daily basis, even though we’re not always so kind to it - oops.

But as we age, just like everything else in our body, our skin changes. And by understanding what’s happening skin deep, we can better cater to its needs and choose the right products to protect it. Because while there’s certainly nothing wrong with aging (it’s just a number), it is still polite to give our skin its best chance of staying healthy and feeling good.

So here’s a bit of a run down - a lesson if you will - on your skin through the decades.  

In your 20's

First things first - sunscreen.

Sorry, but your mum was definitely right on this one. No matter your age or type of skin you have, sunscreen is a must. Daily. Because while your skin may not show any signs of aging yet, it’s about doing the prep work to keep all those damaging free radicals at bay.

Skin turnover is still relatively good in our 20s, but regular UV exposure breaks down the skin’s structural integrity and our body’s natural antioxidant production will begin to decline.  

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In your 30s

Sunscreen is still important - even if you were a bit naughty in your 20s and spent a lot of time in the sun (shh, don’t worry, we won’t tell). Because while you can’t reverse the clock, you can slow things down.

In your 30s, collagen (which keeps skin firm) and elastin (which helps skin bounce back) is starting to decrease, that’s because our body’s metabolism isn’t quite what it used to be. This means your skin will start to get thinner and less ‘plump’, and you may find it becomes increasingly drier and sensitive. So using products with niacinamide (also known as Vitamin B3) is a good idea, as well as a serum and/or moisturiser with ingredients such as antioxidants and retinol.

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In your 40s

The natural renewal of your skin will continue to diminish in your 40s, with its protective lipids barrier not as active anymore - so you may notice a lot more dryness, alongside dark spots (pigmentation) and in some cases, recurrence of acne due to those good old hormones that first said hello in your teens.  

You may also start seeing more wrinkles appear as well as significantly less firmness, and in fact, your 40s is where you will probably see the most changes in your skin.

It’s important to provide your skin with products that can assist in cell turnover, and hydration - so a hyaluronic acid is ideal for ultimate moisture retention and creams with glycerin, ceramics or fatty lipids (to help with barrier repair). Also look out for products with AHAs, retinoids and peptides, and brightening serums can help with pigmentation.

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In your 50s

Your skin barrier protection declines even more in your 50s, with drier skin knocking on almost everyone’s front door. That’s because our lipid layer reduces, so locking moisture in becomes increasingly difficult - so it’s time to throw out any kind of ‘exfoliation’ product as it will only remove necessary oils that the skin still produces.

A mild, milky cleanser is best in your 50s, as well as an intensive moisturiser to help minimise dryness.

You may also find your skin takes longer to heal, with scars sticking around long past their welcome, and wrinkles will be a lot more prominent. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with those smile and happiness lines around the eyes and mouth!  

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Of course, everyone’s skin is different, and depending on genetics and exposome (your lifestyle and environmental factors), your skin’s needs may be different. So we recommend a skin consultation with an expert who can take a closer look at that lovely face of yours - ensuring you get the best products for you.

Check out our fantastic Skin Discovery Package which includes a skin consultation/analysis and a facial treatment.

Using a Wood's Lamp, your Skin Therapist can see areas of scarring, aging, congestion and other skin issues, and then formulate a personalised skin journey for you that doesn't just deal with what can be seen with the naked eye.

After your Skin Analysis, your Skin Therapist will apply a facial treatment specific to your skin type as well as recommend a custom treatment plan to start you on your skin goal journey.