How to maintain the vibrancy of your coloured hair

How to maintain the vibrancy of your coloured hair

Posted by Vivo Online Store on 29th Feb 2024

How to Maintain The Vibrancy of Your Coloured Hair

If you’ve just paid a visit to the salon to have your hair coloured, you’ll want to keep it healthy, vibrant, and glossy for as long as possible before your next appointment. Colour maintenance is vital all year round, but it’s more important during summer with sun exposure being a primary cause for colour fading as heat fast-tracks the oxidation of colour in your hair. With hair fading and ends looking dull, it’s hard to maintain that fresh salon glow! Not to worry, there are tweaks you can make to your hair care routine to ensure your locks look gorgeous beyond your salon visits!

Use Colour-Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner

Colour-protective shampoos and conditioners are specifically formulated with preserving ingredients to prolong the life of coloured hair – keeping your hair looking fresh and vibrant. They have less or no sulphate, which means they won’t remove colour while cleansing your hair and scalp.

Other added benefits include the contained antioxidants which help protect your hair against UV damage which accelerates colour loss over time. These shampoos also include ingredients that protect and maintain the hair’s health and integrity.

TIP: Sulphates are the biggest culprit to stripping your fresh-coloured locks. Check out the products below on products that assist with retaining colour, nourishing and strengthening your hair.

Avoid Overwashing

Pop a shower cap on and give your hair a break from washing every few days to keep the colour looking vivid and lasting longer. Overwashing your locks can dry out treated hair and lead to it appearing frizzy. Where possible, it’s recommended for your hair to avoid contact with chlorine, and extreme weather conditions (snow, wind, rain) to help your hair colour remain fresh for longer.

(P.S. If you find it challenging to reduce shampoo usage, consider embracing co-washing with cleansing conditioners.)

Take the Heat Off

From avoiding heat tools and hot water to using heat protection products, the common theme here is to keep your hair nice and cool. Heat is a major cause for colour to fade. Go for cold water, or lukewarm water if you must, to maintain colour and vibrancy for your hair. This applies to styling your hair also - make sure to use heat protection products when drying or styling your hair with heated tools.

Book Your Gloss Treatments

Retain colour and replenish your hair with gloss treatments at your salon. What is it exactly? It’s a dual-action treatment that sits between a hair colour and deep conditioner.

Although there are at-home gloss products you can use, an in-salon gloss is semi-permanent and is mixed with a developer. This lasts longer because it penetrates in the hair, versus lying on top of the hair. Staying on top of these appointments will even colour tones, maintain vibrant hues, reduce brassy tones as well as add softness and shine to your hair - book now!

Deep Condition Once A Week

Deep conditioning is an important component to add to your regime, no matter what hairstyle you have. It keeps your hair hydrated, prevents hair breakage and boosts hair growth.

This applies especially if you’ve coloured your hair, as it’s a chemical process that can at times weaken your hair and cause dryness. Inject moisture back into your hair, prevent damage and improve elasticity whilst restoring its natural shine.

TIP: Increase the frequency of deep conditioning to every third shampoo for extra TLC of moisture and strength for your hair.

Check these out:

Use a Shampoo And Conditioner With Colour-Boosting Properties

A shampoo and conditioner with colour-boosting properties tend to have a higher pH balance compared to regular shampoos/conditioners. They’ll help to maintain the integrity of your colour in between your appointments while protecting new growth from fading too fast or looking ashy/yellowish-grey.

These sorts of products will also remove the dirt buildup from your strands to prevent dullness and maintain brightness before you next touch up your highlights. If you have blonde hair, we recommend these Silver Shampoos to counteract those unwanted yellow hues.

At Vivo, we have a range of products available across a variety of brands specifically targeted for coloured hair. Not only will they help to maintain the colour of your hair, but they also provide nourishment, strength and shine to keep those locks looking as luscious as ever!

See our full range of Vivo hair products here. Or to start your hair journey with us, you can book an in-person appointment with one of our talented hair specialists.

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