10. Winter Colour Trends for 2022

10. Winter Colour Trends for 2022

Posted by Vivo Hair NZ on 6th Apr 2022

10. Winter Blondes and Balayage Trends for 2022

Check out the unbrrrrievably beautiful Winter blondes and balayages that are trending in our salons this winter season!

1. Creamy Caramel Balayage

Maybe she's born with it....or maybe it's a bespoke colour that looks so naturally beautiful, you'll be fielding 'you're so blessed' comments from everyone! A soft balayage is the best way to achieve naturally highlighted hair that looks like mother nature was smiling down on you.

To get that glossy shine finish, Stylesign Diamond Gloss Shine Spray is a must have!

Goldwell Stylesign Just Smooth Diamond Gloss Shine Spray

2. Winter Ashy Grey

We love a cool blonde here at Vivo, and this is a GREY-T example of why! With grey and ashy blonde tones, finished in a soft wave, these tresses are cooler than a winter morning!

To even the hair surface and smooth the hair structure for improved manageability, easy detangling and frizz control try Goldwell's Dualsenses Just Smooth Range.

3. Creamy Lengths Balayage

Give the gift of gorgeous hair to yourself! The cute little bow rounds off the perfect hair colour, with a long blonde balayage ending in creamy lengths.

Good hair? We recommend Redkens Extreme Lengths Seal to build strength from root to tip and targets split ends.

Redken Extreme Lengths Seal

4. Melting Blonde Balayage

A Melting Moment! For blondes that softly melt into each other, ask for a root melt at your next salon service. Starting with a natural light blonde near the roots and finishing with white blonde tips, this technique is a great way to get lighter locks with a naturally blended look.

Goldwell Dualsneses Blondes & Highlights will keep your blondes clean and brass free!

5. Icy Blonde

Cold days call for cooler shades, and an ash blonde is the perfect way to create a base for that perfect platinum wintery blonde.

Keep those ashy tones fresh with Olaplex No.4, a purple shampoo that keeps your blonde looking icy-fresh.

6. Pearlescent Blonde

We dream of cream! A creamy, pearlescent blonde doesn't have to just be a dream - use Olaplex in your next blonde service to ensure a blonde that is infused with health, meaning your blonde can develop to those tones you never thought possible. Try an all-over colour with a few well placed babylights to give dimension to your dreamy look.

Try Fudge All Blonde Colour Lock Shampoo & Conditioner to elevate blonde hair and lock in endless colour.

7. Lavender Silvery Blonde

Want a Winter WOW factor? Finely placed lavender highlights on top of this long, silvery blonde hair create a two-tone holographic effect that's a total showstopper!

Support your look with Goldwell Rich Repair - perfect for repairing damage caused by lightening as well as colour protection.

8. Pure Platinum

If you want the most luxe, glam colour around, look no further than a pure platinum. Ensure the health of your long blonde lengths when going platinum by asking for Olaplex in your service - what could be more beautiful than white blonde, healthy locks.

Olaplex Trio Bundle

9. Elsa Blonde

This ice queen will shade is unbrrrrlievably beautiful it will have you frozen in a smile!

To maintain a clean blonde and keep your lightened hair in tip top condition, try Matrix Total Results Unbreak My Blonde.

MATRIX Total Results Unbreak My Blonde Trio

10. Perfectly Pinned Milky Blonde

Accessories are a great addition, but make sure you start with the most important thing first - a breathtaking colour! With long, perfectly waved hair and a pure, milky blonde, we are sure ANYTHING will look good on tresses this elegant.

Support your look with KMS Color Vitality Blonde Bundle to keep your colour clean and fresh!

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