The MERM: Male Perm FAQ

The MERM: Male Perm FAQ

Posted by BigCommerce on 1st Jun 2021

The MERM: Male Perm FAQ


Can we take a MERM-ent to appreciate the male perm? Affectionately known as THE MERM!

While perms for women have been around for over a hundred years, of late we here at Vivo we have noticed a significant increase in all genders being persuaded by a head of luscious curls! We chatted to our Perm Specialist Ian (IG: @ianedwardsmanuales)  at Vivo Lambton Quay in Wellington, about the process of having a successful perm and how to totally rock your healthy new ringlets!

What is the minimum length required to get a perm on short hair?

"Generally, two inches is the minimum length of hair for a perm because it is enough to be wrapped onto the perm rod. The perm result varies on the length of the hair for example, if you have 2-3 inch long hair, a super slim sized rod can fit there but your curls will be super tight. So if you want curls that are a little loose, you can grow your hair for some time, at least to the ear, and then get a perm. The smallest size rod can fit in hair with a length of as little as 2 inches, while the largest rod, giving loose curls, can require a length of up to 5-6 inches."

How long does it take on average?

"The process can take two hours at least depending on hair length, and for long hair can take as long as four hours. Winding the hair onto the rods will naturally take longer for long hair as opposed to short. It can last from 4 to 6 months and it grows out naturally with your own hair texture because the waves are much softer and customised to suit you."

What haircare would you recommend to use after a perm?

"A perm makes your hair act as if it was naturally curly, which means that it needs to be treated like curly hair, too. Try to use shampoos and conditioners made for treated hair. It will not only prevent and/or control the damage, but it will also benefit your perm, helping it to last longer. Never miss conditioning your hair for the moisture it needs. Just like any other chemical hair treatment, your hair will most likely be a little damaged after the perm. Always use a conditioner every time you shampoo. If your hair seems a little frizzy, you can also do a deep-conditioning treatment to add extra moisture to your locks."

What styling products to use?

"I recommend using curling products such as the KMS curling range to enhance the curls, defining and moisturizing them for best and bounciest results."

Any tips about how to care for permed hair?

"Avoid too much using heat on the hair. Straightening and blow drying your hair can not only create frizz and damage, but it can also loosen your curls. Make sure to always use plenty of heat protectant products so you don’t damage your gorgeous curls. If you need to blow dry your hair, try to wait until it’s mostly dry and use a diffuser to keep the curl without the frizz."

How much does it cost?

Your needs are unique! You should always book in for a consultation to discuss options and assess the condition of your hair. You can call Vivo on 0800 400 300 to book a free consultation or email with your preferred location.

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