Empowering Stylists at Vivo with Continuous Industry Training

Empowering Stylists at Vivo with Continuous Industry Training

Posted by Vivo Hair Salons on 18th Mar 2024

Empowering Stylists at Vivo with Continuous Industry Training

Our people are our biggest asset. We’re not simply saying that, as the ongoing training programs we offer to our Vivo staff is an area we’re consistently investing in – we’ve even got a team dedicated to Learning and Development at Vivo. We believe that providing diverse learning opportunities not only enhances the individual’s skills and nurtures their passion for the industry, but in turn, will also contribute to our team's overall success and growth. It’s people first for us, always.

At Vivo, we prioritise continuous growth, valuing our staff and celebrating their successes.

Our commitment to the Grow It value at Vivo

Grow It, is one of our primary value commitments where we focus on prioritising continuous growth and cultivating a culture of continuous learning. This ensures our teams are well-equipped to thrive in the dynamic beauty and salon industry. As the industry evolves, our stylists are committed to staying on top of the latest trends, techniques, and innovations within the industry through our training programs. All while, keeping our approach tailored to the individual’s learning needs and offering varied training options.

Our mission to change lives for our clients, stylists and skin therapists

What drives us to empower our Vivo team members to hone their craft as stylists and skin therapists goes beyond upskilling. No matter if it’s the salon chair, the stylist’s career or the skin therapist’s practice – we seek to bring about positive change and fulfilment through our learning pathways.

We see how crucial training impacts and interconnects with multiple touchpoints at Vivo. These include:

  • Inspiring, empowering, and instiling confidence across all aspects of each Vivo team member’s role;
  • Growth opportunities for our stylists - leading to increased earnings, career development and a deeper passion for the industry and for Vivo;
  • Retaining Vivo staff, role fulfilment and happiness;
  • Providing outstanding results for our clients that keep them coming back;
  • Connecting our clients with a hairstylist or skin specialist who will create profound results they’ll love;
  • Emphasising skill enhancement and individual empowerment through cutting-edge educational methods.

We are all about empowering growth, transforming futures, and leading through innovative education.

A Glimpse into Our Vivo Training Programs

Our training programs are available to everyone within the company. From apprentices, stylists and skin therapists, to our salon leaders and regional educators. With over 100 live training events each year, we encourage all our Vivo staff across our 80+ salons nationwide to join in on the learning.

The beauty of our learning pathways is, that we offer both online and in-person training options, which means it caters to every individual’s need, preference, convenience, and availability.

  • In-person live events

We bring the learning experience to life through our live events in each region across the country twice a year (April to June and from August to October). At these events, we provide valuable hands-on experiences and practical training that you can use right away.

These events are carefully created to foster an inclusive, creative, and inspiring atmosphere. You can expect a dynamic space for teams to exchange ideas, techniques, and industry insights. It’s a time filled with positive energy, jam-packed learning, and connection – you’ll truly feel you’re a part of the coolest community at Vivo!

  • HairPro Live EvenTS

This July, we will be introducing the HairPro Live Event Trainings. This event features advanced specialist sessions which are held by our national educators who take care of regions nationwide from Whangarei to Invercargill - utilising the advanced skills required for each region.

This is more of a well-rounded training approach which brushes up our staff’s education on an ongoing basis. From the latest trends and industry innovations to different techniques.

  • Pop-up trainings

Our pop-up trainings involve collaborating closely with one of our valued partners, KAO to bring exclusive and global insights to our team.

  • Snippy – our new online learning platform

Introducing our pal, Snippy – our digital learning platform which provides valuable and a diverse range of learning content to our Vivo staff members. Snippy serves as a central hub of educational resources that’s easy, and accessible to everyone 24/7 at their convenience and whenever they feel the urge to jump online and learn something new!

Join The Team at Vivo

At Vivo, we’re a family-run, privately owned company, with 650 staff in over 80 salons across New Zealand. Not being a franchise means there’s a true family feel in how we do things. One of our core philosophies is “think global, act local”. We pride ourselves in offering top-of-the-range services from our talented stylists, as well as investing in our people through our various learning pathways.

If you’re interested in learning more about our training programs or thinking about joining our team, we’d love to hear from you!

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