Vivo Rewards

Terms & Conditions
  • Vivo Reward Points will be accrued when members purchase eligible hair, skin and beauty products and services in salon. The ratio of Vivo Rewards Points to dollars spent will vary from time to time. Vivo reserves the right not to allocate Vivo Reward points during special promotional periods, or when products and/or services are already reduced.


  • Rewards will take the form of a $15 Vivo Rewards Voucher for every 15 Points collected within 12 months of the date of your first purchase or the last time you reached 15 Points.


  • Vivo Rewards Vouchers can be redeemed for hair, skin and beauty products and treatments at any Vivo Salons or Clinic, and online.


  • You must redeem your Vouchers on or before the expiry date that is printed on the Voucher, this is normally 1 month after issue.


  • Reward Points are a means of tracking the value accruing to you (from the purchase of applicable products and services) until such time as they are converted to a Voucher.


  • Reward Points are not transferable, can not be exchanged for cash, and no change will be given. Vivo Rewards can not be credited to your salon account or online account.


  • Reward Points can not be used in conjunction with any other offer unless otherwise stipulated.


  • Vivo reserves the right to modify or close the Vivo Rewards programme at any time. Vivo also reserves the right to adjust the value of the benefits and value of redemptions offered through the loyalty programme.



Q - How do I join the Vivo Rewards programme?

A - Simply provide your email address to your local Vivo Salon at your next appointment, or you can join now by emailing


Q - When will I receive my Vivo Rewards Voucher?

A - When you have accumulated enough points, you will be issued a $15 Rewards Voucher to your email address. Rewards Voucher are issued 4 times a year.


Q - Why am I not receiving my Vivo Rewards Voucher?

  • Do we have your correct email address?
  • Have you checked your junk box? If the voucher has accidentally gone into your junk box, you will need to mark us as a 'safe sender'.


Q - Last time I received a $30 voucher, but this time I have only received a $15 voucher, and I have spent the same amount at each visit. Why did I not get a $30 voucher this time?

  • The amount of rewards earned on a product or service will vary from visit to visit. Some weeks we might be promoting a certain product or service, so you might earn more points on that particular visit than you would on the next visit.
  • Vivo Rewards Vouchers are only issued in multiples of $15, so you might have 'left over' points on your account, which gives you a head start on the next lot of points. For example, if you have 20 points on your account, you will be issued a $15 voucher, leaving you with 5 points still remaining on your account. So you will only need to earn another 10 points until your receive another $15 voucher. Sometimes this might mean you get a $15 Rewards Voucher, but the next you receive a $30 voucher.


Q - Do my online purchases earn Vivo Rewards?

A - No, Vivo Rewards are only earnt from in-salon purchases, but watch this space for new and exciting developments!


Q - I am not due in the salon. Can you please extend the expiry date on my voucher?

A - Vivo Rewards Voucher expiry dates can not be extended, and can not be credited to clients accounts at the salon. If you don't expect to come in for your regular service in this time frame, you are welcome to use your voucher on hair, skin or beauty products, or to try another Vivo hair service or skin treatment you haven't tried before! Your Rewards Vouchers can also be used online!