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March 01, 2019
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Every fortnight we put the spotlight on one of our talented team from around New Zealand, asking them all about their life as a Vivo hairstylist!


Shayna Thompson, Vivo Avonhead

Shayna is a person filled with 'joie de vivre', her excitement for life immediately evident. Even though it’s her day off, she messages back within seconds when asked for answers to questions. “I’m just painting my nails!” she laughs, a multi-tasker even in her down time. A busy mum of a 9 year old boy, Shayna’s other love is hairdressing. “I adore everything about our industry,” she enthuses. “I just can’t pinpoint one thing. I feel so lucky to be able to do a craft that I feel so passionate about.” Her start in the hairdressing industry came about almost by accident 14 years ago, with an ultimatum from her mother for then school-aged Shayna, saying she could only leave school with something to go to. Shayna saw an opportunity for a salon apprentice, and applied. “I had never even thought about hairdressing, let alone washed someone’s hair!” she recalls. “But that day sparked a passion for the hair industry that I still have today.”

"I feel so lucky to be able to do a craft that I feel so passionate about.”

Managing the busy salon in Avonhead, Christchurch, Shayna values the relationship with her client immensely. Originally from the deep South (“Sometimes I still sound like a pirate!”), Christchurch has been Shayna’s home for 18 years. “This city makes me so proud of everything it’s done to move forward from the trauma it has suffered. My clients and I have shared many laughs, I’ve held back tears when they have shed theirs. I am so lucky to have all the clients I have.” With her bubbly, positive attitude, Shayna is the hairstylist everyone hopes to get. “I’m honest and professional, trustworthy and fun - not too fun though as I am a professional!” the qualified Master Colourist laughs. “My favourite thing in the chair is the smile I get when clients see the final look I have created for them. The messages I receive the next day or a few days later saying how much they love their new hair, that’s truly rewarding for me. I love making people feel beautiful!”

My favourite thing in the chair is the smile I get when clients see the final look I have created for them. 

Shayna believes that keeping a positive outlook and learning from any challenges that arise is the secret to a happy, successful career. “I work hard, I put my all into my work and I think the outcome reflects that attitude.” Working for Vivo is a great fit for the ambitious, energetic Shayna. “This year I have a few goals I want to knock out,” she says. “Vivo is super supportive of them all, providing training and the opportunity for progression in my career. They facilitate us to create our own success, and I just love that.”

To book a consultation with Shayne, contact Vivo Avonhead on 03 358 9712 or go to the easy bookings page.


Check out these hair looks by Shayna!

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