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ghd Glide vs ghd Rise: What's the difference?

January 26, 2021
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Rise and shine! If you are anything like us, you've listened one too many times to the siren song of the snooze button. We can't straighten out your schedule, but we can straighten out some facts about which time-saving hot-brush is going to suit your schedule and style!


ghd Glide Hot Brush


Now you can spend more time doing what you love; making coffee, drinking coffee. Pretending to make a dent in your emails

With just a few quick strokes, the first professional hot-brush from ghd tames your dry tresses effortlessly, eliminating frizz with its ceramic broad stroke and high-density bristles. It takes only 60 seconds to heat up so you can get gliding, it's optimal styling temperature of 185ºC ensuring your hair is not only well protected but transformed. 

Key features:

  • Best for medium to long-length hair of any thickness prone to frizz. For those with more stubborn curls, please be aware that it's best for taming them into gentle waves, not straightening them out completely. Perfect for second-day hair.
  • Two year warranty. Use on dry hair only.
  • RRP $270

SHOP ghd Glide here!



ghd Rise Volumising Brush

Benefit: VOLUME

We all need a pick-me-up; even your hair. 

Get a bouncy blow-dry boost in a simple twist, this volumizing hair hero raises the roof for maximum takeoff. 5mm nylon bristle ensure that this versatile tool doesn't slip while SMART ultra-zone technology keeps it at a smooth & safe 185*C. With less than 25 seconds needed to heat up, spend more time waving the lightweight, 32 barrel wand where you want instead of arguing with a cord; this one swivels.

Key features:

  • Best for short to shoulder-length hair of any thickness. May not achieve your goals on longer locks.
  • Perfect for hair any day!
  • Two year warranty. Dry hair only.
  • RRP $310

SHOP ghd Rise NOW!


-written by Brii Borton

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