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MASKNE: What it is & How to treat

August 24, 2020
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While none of us deny the importance of face masks at the moment, they're guilty of a new skin woe - maskne!⠀
With a combination of friction, humidity and clogged pores, these protective coverings can be the perfect breeding ground for trapped bacteria. But fear not! You can do what's best for your health (wear that mask!) while keeping your skin healthy too - our top tips below!

1. Wash your face! 

As we diligently wash our hands, don't forget to wash your face more regularly too - use a gentle cleanser before applying a mask to prevent trapping bacteria underneath it.

Products: Aspect Gentle Clean or Cosmedix Benefit Clean.

2. Hydrate!
Moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and can act as a barrier from the friction caused by the mask against your skin. Apply Moisturiser before and after wearing a mask to keep it supple. So that dirt from your mouth and nose doesn't build up on your mask (and then your skin!) make sure your mask is always fresh and clean.

Products: Aspect Sheer Hydration, Cosmedix Humidify.

3. Protect your lips with Aspect Hydrating Lip Balm

4. If you are wearing a fabric mask, wash it every time you use it - it's great to have a few on hand so you can get into the habit of rotation them between washes.

5. Ditch your foundation!
The best part of wearing a mask, is no one can see if we are perfectly made up or if we've just rolled out of bed, so take advantage of an easier 'get up and go' routine and keep your skin as free from makeup clog as possible! Don't forget that SPF though!

Product: Our Skin Therapists recommend PCA SKIN Sheer Tint SPF45.

Stay safe!♥️

More skin tips - here!

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