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The Straightening Hair Brushes that actually work: Here’s our top 4 reasons why you need one!

February 27, 2019
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The hottest product of 2019 so far is definitely the heated hairbrush! With the launch of the limited edition ghd glide -  this trend has definitely been revived and the demand for this time-saving tool really has peaked. Who doesn’t want to have beautiful, silky smooth with the ease of a brush stroke? Here are our top five reasons why you NEED to add this styling tool to your beauty essentials list!


One: Save that extra time in the morning

Who doesn’t want to cut down their morning routine time! We are constantly looking for life hacks or easier ways to do things in order to get those extra valuable minutes of sleep! Heated Hair Brushes are designed to tame and smooth your mane quickly and effortlessly - essentially because you are achieving two tasks in one action - both brushing and smoothing your hair! The technology behind these brushes allows you to style larger sections of hair at a time allowing you to get through your hair at a much faster pace.

Content Creator @withlovesera uses a Straightening Hairbrush

Two: Option for a more natural look

Do you find that pin-straight early 2000s look quite harsh? When styling with a heated hair brush you can get a lot more natural movement in your strands whilst still being smooth and shiny. By using a sweeping motion underneath the hair section from the roots down - you can really build volume in the roots with a smooth sleek finish.

It doesn't have to be used just for straightening! You can use a Straightening Hairbrush to achieve a style similar to this look by Joshua from Vivo Milford.

Three: No damaging clamping motion unlike other conventional styling tools 

These brushes really distribute the heat evenly throughout your strands. Whilst a generic straightener clamps the hair between two hot ceramic plates and is pulled down your hair, the heat brush is one fluid motion that styles without the force of a clamp.

Silver Bullet Hybrid Luxe and Iconic Straightening Brushes

Four: Less likely to burn yourself!

We have all been there… being over enthusiastic with your straightening iron can often end with a clamped ear -  not the best when you are rushing to get out the door! With a heated hair brush, the positioning of the bristles on the base of the brush allows for quick swipes without potentially losing a body part! So you don’t need to ruin your makeup whilst holding dripping ice to your ear (yes - we’ve been there!)


Our Recommendations

Theorie Saga Thermal Styling Brush (Selling fast, limited stock available!) RRP $180

Silver Bullet Hybrid Luxe Straightening Brush RRP $160

Silver Bullet Hybrid Iconic Straightening Brush RRP $150

Ghd Limited Edition Glide RRP $240

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