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Healthy Competition

November 10, 2020
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With finalists across a range of prestigious industry awards, including two in the NZ Hairdresser of the Year Category, Vivo is proud to provide a unique platform for imagination, excellence and creativity in NZ hairdressing...

After ten years in the hairdressing industry, a few things are certain for Vivo Co-Founder Lynden Mason. One is that entering competitions fuels the very essence of good hairdressing - creativity. "We see competition work as essential to growing our stylists.” he says. Vivo invests heavily into competition work, employing the best makeup artists, stylists and photographers in order to help bring stylists’ visions to life. “We discovered that two of our three most important values - Grow It and Love It - were embodied within competition work. I have seen the journey of many stylists as they challenge themselves, their skills, and continue to ignite their passion for hairdressing. In fact, the Vivo finalists this year range from those who’ve been just a few short years in the industry, to over 40 years and still honing their hairdressing craft through competition. We are incredibly proud of our teams. Hear some of their stories below.


CHRISSY DE MEY | Vivo Tauranga

Industry NZ: ‘NZ Hairdresser of the Year’ Finalist
NZARH Industry Awards: ‘Industry Trainer of the Year’ Finalist, ‘Editorial Stylist of the Year - Derek Elvy Visionary Award’ Finalist

In the 4.5 years at Vivo, my career pathway has gone from Stylist, Salon Manager, Regional Educator, Regional Manager for Bay of Plenty & Hawkes Bay and now National Education & Development Manager. Where else could you get that kind of career progression, coupled with support, opportunity and fun? Vivo gives me a platform to shine. To be me - there is no idea that I have that is too big or too small. Last year, I took a group of emerging stylists to Melbourne Hair Expo where all of our models were Drag Queens - our show got the only standing ovation of the night! In my current role, I love the opportunity to help educate stylists right at the beginning of their exciting journey.


NATASHA KING | Vivo Invercargill

Industry NZ: 'NZ Hairdresser of the Year’ Finalist
NZARH Industry Awards: ‘Editorial Stylist of the Year - Derek Elvy Visionary Award’ Finalist, ‘Editorial Stylist of the Year - Cover Shot’ Finalist

I have been with Vivo for 18 months now and it’s been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Prior to joining Vivo I had held the title of NZ Editorial Stylist for the past 2 years. Upon winning the title in 2019 I decided to retire from the competing world as I used to really agonise about whether I was good enough.
Then along came Vivo. I would get messages from Vivo stylists telling me how excited they were to get to work with me and how my work has inspired them! All I had ever really wanted to achieve out of competing was to show people that anyone could do it! When James and Lynden offered me the opportunity to shoot for these awards I was blown away. I know exactly the cost and effort involved so to have someone do this for me was an incredible gesture. But with that came a lot of fear and worry, the old feelings of would I be good enough continued to eat at me. Luckily for me, Vivo enlisted a team of people that are all amazing at what they do! I’ve always said that as long as I love my images then the rest doesn’t matter and I certainly love these ones. They are a story of feeling like an alien, not belonging, rebirth and creating a new race of humans. A kinder, more real and raw race of people where image and “wins” don’t matter. I am so thrilled to be a part of a company that believes in its humans and who ensures Kindness is one of our strongest values.


NICKY CROMBIE | Vivo Bethlehem, Tauranga

NZARH Industry Awards: ‘Editorial Stylist of the Year - Cover Shot’ Finalist

I have been working with Vivo for 6 years now, and my journey has been amazing. In this time I have had the opportunity to manage a salon, attend numerous training courses and now am able to pass on my knowledge by teaching my own courses within Vivo. I even went to Austria in 2019 as part of the Vivo team for Global Colorzoom.
I'm really passionate about the Hairdressing industry and I have always been interested in creative competition work as it gives me a great opportunity to come up with high fashion, edgy styling with no barrier. I think it's a really awesome way to push your limits and really show the world what you can do!



NZARH Industry Awards: Top Performing Stylist of The Year’ Finalist, Vivo Chancery Square
NZARH Industry Awards: ‘NZ Hair Salon of The Year’ Finalist 

Vivo Chancery Square are an extraordinary team that not only brings fun and flair, but an unrelenting passion for their clients. Each and every one of them set incredibly high standards for themselves and their client experiences, supporting and pushing each other to deliver on that expectation. They are led by Peter Emery, who through a unique mix of passion and positivity, delivers an exceptional salon experience. Peter has been a hairstylist for over 40 years, and joined the Vivo team 8 years ago. Since then, Peter’s passion for hairdressing and hairdressers has made him a beloved member of the Vivo Family. Lynden says, “Peter gets the best out of his team because he leads by example. He has these high expectations then pushes himself to exceed them. It's hard not to be inspired by a leader who not only walks the talk, but who also does it with a nurturing, supportive and rewarding leadership style.”


LAUREN GUNN | Vivo Devon St, New Plymouth

Industry NZ: ‘Creative Stylist (Under 10 years)’ Finalist

I’ve been with Vivo for 4 years. Before this, I only used to enter the local competitions in New Plymouth and stay in my comfort zone. Since being with Vivo I have entered and placed in national and international competitions, and have had the opportunity to travel overseas and around NZ! I think it is important to enter competitions as it gets you out of a salon mindset and allows you to do what you secretly wish you could do on your everyday client. When I first started in the hairdressing industry I definitely had a big lack of self-confidence, since putting my work out there it has been so overwhelming to get recognition by so many hairdressers around NZ! The amount of support and kindness Vivo has shown me has definitely made me proud to be a part of the hairdressing industry.


JADE SCOTT | Vivo Petone, Wellington

Industry NZ: ‘Creative Stylist of the Year (under 5 years)’ 

I've been with Vivo for 4 incredible years with a journey that has taken me to different cities nationally and internationally. I set out with a vision to impact the world, one head of hair at a time. With Vivo’s mentoring and support I have been privileged to showcase my art across many platforms as well as use my story to encourage and empower others. In my career, I have had highlights that range from speaking life and love into the lives of women in prison - to creating my own designs for shows here and overseas. Vivo have given me so much opportunity to dream big and the tools & support to then go out and achieve it.


ANGELA THOMSON | Vivo Bethlehem, Tauranga

NZARH Industry Awards: ‘Editorial Stylist of the Year - Colour Concept’ Finalist

In the 4.5 years with Vivo, it feels like so much has happened! Stretching myself and doing photographic work has given me the chance to travel to Barcelona and Australia with Vivo and Goldwell. Having opportunities just pop up is such a bonus. I’m looking forward to the next stage of my journey with Vivo.

Headway Nov 2020 - Written By Tereze Taber

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