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Foils and Highlights Packages

These complete Foils Cut & Colour Packages are amazing-value offers, available every day at your Vivo Salon with any Senior Stylist. 

  • Full Head Foils Package

    Full Head Foils Package

    In-Depth Consultation

    Full Head of Foils (one or several colours)

    Goldwell Toner or Goldwell Treatment

    Shampoo, Conditioning & Head Massage

    Style Cut & Blowdry Finish


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    or 8 payments of $29.88

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  • Half Head Foils Package

    Half Head Foils Package

    In-Depth Consultation

    Half Head of Foils (one or several colours)

    Goldwell Toner or Goldwell Treatment

    Shampoo, Conditioning & Head Massage

    Style Cut & Blowdry Finish


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    or 8 payments of $24.88

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  • Partial Highlights Package

    Partial Highlights Package


    Partial Foils (one or several colours)

    Goldwell Toner

    Shampoo, Conditioning & Head Massage

    Style Cut & Blowdry Finish


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    or 8 payments of $21.13

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  • Toner Refresh Package

    Toner Refresh Package



    Nourishing Treatment

    Blow Wave


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  • For appointments and further info call 0800 400 300. 
  • Valid with all Senior Stylists at VIVO. 
  • For Master Stylist Pricing, please call 0800 400 300. 
  • Extra charges may apply from $12 for hair past shoulder length, thick hair or extended regrowth. Colour between foils from $40.
  • Any additional services to be paid at salon.
  • Voucher valid for 12 months.

VIVO Promise & No-Surprise Guarantee

When you visit VIVO we promise hair you'll love, or your money back. And if your service is going to cost extra (for example, for long/thick hair), we will tell you before we start, or you don't have to pay it.

Why choose Foil Highlighting?

Foil Highlighting builds on the natural tendency of hair to vary pigment between strands, allowing for looks with an authentic and harmonious feel, whether natural or funky.

This trusted technique, believed to be invented by Italian hairdressers, is both a Science and an Art - intricate, multifaceted, precise and simply stunning. Using fine aluminium foil to wrap lightener and/or pigment into isolated strands we ensure you get the colour you want where you want it, with clock-work precision.

A complex skill, Foil Highlighting offers multiple techniques of constructing the pattern of foil placement, sectioning and angling the strands to go into the foils, and folding the pigmented strands into foils - all depending on your hair profile and desired result. Not to mention the nuances of mixing and timing of the colour itself.

In the hands of your expertly trained VIVO Senior Stylist, you can enjoy the full array of fabulous possibilities this technique has to offer, with full confidence in a beautiful outcome tailored just for you.

Partial, Half Head or Full Head of foils?

With all Foils services we can place the foils according to your desired look: focussing on the top section, around the face, more evenly through the hair, focussing on the bottom section for a "peek a boo" effect, or in a custom arrangement.

Half Head of Foils is our most popular option. With this colour service you can achieve an exciting new look or do a thorough touch-up for a grown-out style - while still maintaining a lot of your natural colour.

Full Head of Foils creates a more dramatic effect. This option works especially well if you are aiming to go much lighter or darker than your current look; want to incorporate both highlights and low-lights in different shades; or have a lot of unwelcome greys. If you can't decide between Half and Full Head, we recommend going for the Half Head package, and you can always upgrade to Full Head later for an extra $40.

Partial Foils which you get with the Highlights Package, are ideal for creating statement streaks or placing strategic accents such as to frame your face or the line of your cut.

Many of our clients aiming for a highlighted blonde alternate the amount of foils every second or third visit to keep the look balanced and fresh. Your Stylist will advise if this tactic may work best for you.

Will all my foils be of the same colour?

You can choose the same colour for all foils, go for varying shades of a lighter colour ("highlights") in the foils, go for varying shades of a similar or darker colour ("lowlights") or incorporate both highlights and lowlights.

Toner is included with this package, so that in addition to lightening your hair we can adjust its hue and warmth-coolness balance. This allows to avoid highlights coming out brassy/yellowy, and gives a lot of fabulous shades to choose from: caramel and strawberry to golden, sandy, champagne, beige, ash or frosted.

How thick will the foils be?

We will customise the thickness and placement of the foils to achieve your desired look. We can go from thin fine strands to place gentle accents, to evenly spaced medium sized foils to achieve the classic highlighted look, to broad swathes of colour peeking through layers of hair for a more artistic effect, to anything in between. The Foil Technique allows great precision and flexibility in achieving a stunning variety of visual effects, and your stylist will be happy to walk through the exciting possibilities with you.

Can I have the gradient/ombre effect in my foils?

For the ombre/balayage/sombre highlights, please see our Balayage/Ombre Package

Can I achieve a natural look with this package?

Absolutely! For the fans of understated elegance, we can enhance your natural colour with foils just one or two tones away from your initial shade. This works well with any natural colour and is great if you are looking to gently brighten and freshen up your look without a dramatic change.

What if I want both Foils and a new Colour?

No problem! We can put colour in between your accent strands while the foils are processing, from an extra $40. Your stylist will advise the exact price depending on the kind of job that needs to be done for your desired look.

Can I get a low-maintenance look with Foils?

Definitely. The frequency of touch-ups recommended for your look will depend on several factors: the degree of contrast between the foils and your natural colour, the number of shades used in the foils, the placement of foils, your hair texture and amount of greys, and your attitude towards roots.

As a rule of thumb, foils on wavy and curly hair, multi-toned foils especially including lowlights, peek a boo foils placed below the top section, and foils in the domain of your natural shade will require less frequent touch ups. For certain looks, you may not need to repeat the same job on every visit and instead touch up only the top section and around the face, leaving the deeper hair layers for every second or third appointment.

My hair is too blonde - can this package help?

Whether naturally fair or "overblonded" by colour services, foils are a great way to add substance and depth to your look while maintaining your favourite blonde strands! As light hair absorbs all colours easily, you have a variety of exciting options here.

Your Stylist can take you along the natural route and add lowlights in ashy or caramel shades of dark blonde or light brown - or you may want to experiment with something more funky. This includes pastel and funky streaks in candy colours with our premium colourant line Elumen, or the more contrasting reds, plums, purples or dark browns.

Will this package work for very dark hair?

We can offer a variety of fabulous looks for clients with naturally dark brown and black hair, including the thick pigment-rich Asian, Pacific and African hair.

You can go for a soft natural look with chocolate, mocha or cool brown highlights to add movement and dimension to your hair in a subtle and authentic way. Or you can opt for a bolder and more contrasting take with highlights in shades of caramel, honey and deep gold. Another beautiful option for dark hair is creating highlights in rich floral shades such as cherry, plum, burgundy, or deep red - or adding shimmering streaks of auburn and copper.

If you are after a very funky look with elements of light blonde and platinum, this may be possible however is likely to require more than one visits to the salon, your Stylist will advise.

What vibrant head-turning looks can you create?

We work with the absolutely fabulous and gorgeous premium colour line Elumen by Goldwell. We can achieve a multitude of striking neon effects in all shades imaginable, or give you the sweeter pastel/chalky version.

To add Elumen Colour in your foils is an extra $40 and to put Elumen Colour between the foils starts at $80 extra depending on the desired result, as your Stylist will advise.

Will Foils cover greys?

This is an excellent option for blending in and hiding emerging and moderate greys. While foils do not provide the block coverage of a full-head permanent colour, they won't require such frequent touch-ups either. This is because with more shades blended into your tresses, the regrowth line will be smoother and the greys less obvious. The Toner in this package will also help tint your silver strands to provide additional coverage.

Upgrade Options

  • Colour Lock Treatment extra $40.
  • Olaplex from $51
  • BondPro+ from $51.

When can I have my appointment?

Although opening hours vary slightly per salon, every VIVO salon is open Tuesday through Saturday. Late night and morning appointments are available.

Please see salon opening hours here

To check appointment availability, please call 0800 400 300.

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