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February 08, 2019
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Every fortnight we put the spotlight on one of our talented team from around New Zealand, asking them all about their life as a Vivo hairstylist!


Kirsty Fox, Vivo Mt Maunganui


Kirsty Fox and I have barely finished our phone interview when my phone begins vibrating with a text message from her. “One more thing!”, Kirsty says, then messaging several, eager to use this opportunity to express her passion for hair and the hair industry. In fact, Kirsty’s dedication to her career is obvious the minute you start speaking with her. “Hairdressing is my passion,” she says intently, "You know when someone says ‘if you weren’t doing this, what else would you do?’ Well, I really don’t know. This is all I want to do.”

Bubbly and friendly, Kirsty’s excitement and talent for hair comes wrapped in a kind, genuine and caring personality. “I am an emotional person,” she laughs. “I just love my clients and listening to them, really hearing what they say. It’s such a good feeling when you make someone feel amazing.” Kirsty says that her favourite thing is when a client brings in a photograph of what they’re wanting to achieve. “I believe that with hairdressing, you can change the everyday woman. You can take that photo and personalise it, making the colour suit your client’s face and skin tone perfectly. There’s a lot of creativity in that."

Hairdressing is my passion. You know when someone says ‘if you weren’t doing this, what else would you do?’ Well, I really don’t know. This is all I want to do.

Trained in the UK over 15 years ago, Kirsty fell in love with hair right out of high school. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Then at high school there was a school holiday program, it involved going and working in a salon for 2 weeks. I was a natural with hair. For me? That was it - I was sold.” Moving to New Zealand 13 years ago, Kirsty works at Vivo Mt Maunganui, making the most of New Zealand life. “My family are my biggest support,” she says of her fiancee and son. “They’re who I show all of my work to first!”

While naturally talented, it’s obvious that Kirsty works very hard for the success she has found in hairdressing. Her popular instagram page @hairbykirstyfox is filled with envy-inducing balayages, glossy colours, impressive before and afters, bob cuts and magazine quality photos. “I used to look at Instagram and think I wasn’t good enough. But I never gave up, and now I definitely know I’m good enough!” she giggles. And rightly so. Last year, Kirsty won the Regional Managers Achievement Award at the Vivo Annual Awards, attended by 600 other hairstylists from around the country. “As a hairdresser you are always learning,” Kirsty says, when asked what she would say to a new hairstylist. “I always say to the younger girls, when you think you know everything, that’s when you’re done. That’s what I love about Vivo. There’s constant training, support and encouragement. I feel in the best place of my career.”


Check out these hair looks by Kirsty!

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