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VIVO STYLISTS RECOMMEND: Best Hair Thickening Solutions

April 19, 2021
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We understand that talking about hair loss or thinning hair can be a sensitive topic. But it doesn’t have to be, because it is much more common than you probably think. In fact, it’s estimated that more than a third of women over the age of 30 will have to deal with some form of hair loss. And male pattern baldness affects around one in every three men, with 50 percent experiencing some form of hair thinning by the age of 50.  

Thankfully, plenty of studies over recent years means there is a greater range of products available on the market - ones that are non-invasive, don’t cost the earth and actually work.   

    What is hair loss/thinning? 

Hair loss and hair thinning are two different things, but both cause plenty of frustration, upset and stress for those experiencing it. With hair loss, a person is ‘shedding’ more hair faster than they are able to grow it. The most common type of hair loss is pattern baldness - for men this often shows up as a receding hairline. And for women it is usually a broadening in the natural part of their hair.   

When hair is thinning, it’s not that a person isn’t regrowing hair, it’s that the hair growing back is thinner, with a semi-transparent appearance due to a decrease of pigment. This not only makes the hair much finer overall, but also affects volume too - leaving hair flat and ‘dull’ in condition.      

    What causes hair thinning (or hair loss)? 

While we all do our best to age like a fine wine, the more birthdays we have had, the more likely we are to have some degree of hair thinning (or loss). Sometimes it can be due to an illness or health condition, and it can be temporary or permanent depending on the cause, but for most women (and men) it is due to genetics (meaning it’s hereditary), hormones and age.  

It’s also worth never underestimating the impact that physical or emotional stress, or deficiencies in key vitamins or minerals, can have on hair thinning. And of course if you do have sudden hair loss, it’s always best to see your GP to check if there is an underlying issue you aren’t aware of.   

    What solutions are there for thinning hair?

Now time for some good news - there are plenty of wonderful products available which can help with the thinning appearance of hair. Thickening shampoos and conditioners help to enhance the fullness of the hair by thoroughly removing dirt, sweat, pollutants and products that build up on the scalp, which clog follicles and can sometimes even damage them, because these all contribute to thinning hair.      

It’s also worth knowing the difference between ‘thickening’ and ‘volumising’ products - because while it may sound like they do the same thing, there are a few key elements that actually set them apart from each other. For example, volumising shampoos target your roots by using lightweight ingredients that clean the hair but won’t weigh it down. Thickening shampoos focus on the individual hair strands and use specific ingredients (such as protein and collagen) to strengthen and thicken each strand.


Below we’ve rounded up the hair thickening products and brands that we highly recommend, due to feedback we have had from customers.  


Specific Products



RevitaLash Thickening Shampoo 

Got a dry scalp or compromise your hair regularly with over-processing? This product is infused with therapeutic ingredients and is perfect for reviving lacklustre or fine hair - helping it to feel fuller and look thicker. 

RevitaLash Thickening Conditioner

Nourishing the hair cuticle, this conditioner works to improve hair shaft thickness while also hydrating and replenishing thinning hair. It’s highly recommended that you use it in conjunction with the RevitaLash shampoo to get the best result.  

RevitaLash Volume Enhancing Foam

This enhancer foam transforms fine and thinning hair with a breakthrough formula that was designed to intensify natural volume. Containing BioPeptin Complex, it’s lightweight, adds shine and body, improves elasticity to help with breakage and conditions the scalp.  


Specific Brands


The Nioxin range has a variety of products and what’s so great about them is that they have six systems (each with a series of products) that are for specific hair types. Meaning you are able to choose the right one for the issue - and type of hair - you have. From natural hair, to coloured and chemically-treated, there are also options for light thinning or progressed thinning. As well as shampoos and conditioners, the range has boosters and scalp and hair treatments.

Shop Nioxin here


You really can’t go past the RevitaLash brand for the way it has revolutionised the hair industry. What began as one product - a lash conditioning serum originally created for women going through breast cancer and experiencing hair loss - is now a household name in lash, brow and hair cosmetics. This revolutionary, unisex hair regime uses the original RevitaLash science to restore body and volume to fine and thinning hair. 

Shop RevitaLash here



The Mediceuticals range come from a certified pharmaceutical company which specialises in dermatology (conditions and diseases of the skin). Their products are specifically designed to treat hair and scalp issues, with a focus on stimulating, revitalising and purifying hair follicles, and many of their shampoos contain triaminocoptinol - which supports the reduction of excessive hair loss and helps with new hair growth.  

They also have a series of treatment kits for women with thinning hair. 

Shop Medicauticals here


The Zenagen range was named after the state in which hair has reached desired thickness, maximum volume and healthy manageability and of course their products (either Evolve or Revolve), aim to achieve this for users. It’s an all-natural, hairy therapy system that encourages healthier, stronger and longer hair as well as restoring dry, brittle and broken hair from the root to the tip.  

Shop Zenagen here


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