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VIVO 2021 SUMMER LUXE COLLECTION with Chrissy de Mey

April 12, 2021
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Make WAY! In March, the Vivo Creative Team with National Creative Coordinator Chrissy de Mey collaborated with Jock Robson and Sarah Allsop (of Dharma) to bring you a glorious set of images for the Vivo Trend Prediction Forecast Shoot: Series 1.

  Chrissy de Mey

■ Who was involved in the shoot?
As Vivo's National Creative Coordinator, my task was to bring together some of the industry's leading talent. This creative team included multiple award-winning Vivo stylists Natasha King, Regina Tang, Nicky Crombie & Lizzie White. I also contributed towards the colour work and styling. Together with award-winning stylists Jock Robson as our photographer, and Sara Allsop as Creative Director, we also had Kiekie Stanners as our makeup artist and Sopheak Seng as fashion stylist - an amazing pool of talent.

■ What was the inspiration for the shoot? 
A summer seasonal forecast with inspiration based on a luxe 1960s/70s mood, drawing inspiration from the 2021 Chloe fashion campaign.

■ What about the hair colour?
We used warm colours that felt rich and luxurious: thick mocha, think gold, think luxe - what every woman strives for.

■ What was your favourite part of the day?
The creative collaboration. The pool of ideas and creativity from so many high-level industry professionals was unreal!

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