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ASPECT MINERALS: Meet Your New Favourite ‘Mashup’ Between Skincare And Makeup!

March 10, 2021

Skincare and makeup have always lived quite separately in the bathroom, one product for this, one product for that. Why can’t they just get along?    So what if you could combine the two to have makeup that not only provided amazing coverage, but was also good for your skin. It’d be amazing right? Maybe even revolutionary.   Well it just so happens that the geniuses at Aspect have created a stunning new range of mineral products that is actually the mo...

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Vivo Hair and Beauty Trends

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  • 12 Days of Giveaways at Vivo! OVER $5000 WORTH OF PRIZES UP FOR GRABS!

    December 05, 2019
    Vivo are giving away some of our most tree-mendous brands and services during our next 12 Days of Giveaways! It's rein-ing presents around here until 17th December when we will announce all winners!

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  • Eco-conscious suncare Coola is now at Vivo!☀️

    November 08, 2019
    When looking for products to offer our Vivo clients, we are always on the hunt for brands that do better while making us look our best! COOLA is the new luxury suncare range that we can't wait for you to try at Vivo!

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  • NEW TO VIVO! Holistic Hair!

    October 23, 2019
    Aloe there! Why not take a peek at the newest addition in salons and our online web store? NOW AT VIVO: Holistic Hair! Eco-friendly, vegan and vegetarian minded, it's good for body AND soul.

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  • NATASHA KING: (Not) an Overnight Sensation

    July 16, 2019
    Vivo’s Southland Regional Manager Natasha King might have won NZ Editorial Stylist of the Year - twice! - but it certainly didn’t happen overnight. Read all about Natasha’s journey of determination, and finally finding her confidence as a hairstylist, here!

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  • VOTE VIVO: Best Hair Salon in Beauty Awards 2019

    May 09, 2019
    We are excited to be nominated for Best Hair Salon in the NZ Best in Beauty Awards 2019. We wuld love you vote for us!

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    May 03, 2019
    Every fortnight we put the spotlight on one of our talented team from around New Zealand, asking them all about their life as a part of the Vivo Team! Today we are talking with Stevie - Skin Therapist at Vivo Skin Clinic Remuera - about her career and her favourite skin treatments.

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  • MEDIA RELEASE: Vivo Skin Clinic

    March 08, 2019
    Vivo Hair & Beauty has been at the forefront of the industry since establishing in 2010, quickly growing to 85 privately owned salons across the country. On Friday, 8 March 2019, VIVO SKIN CLINIC will be making its nationwide debut...

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    March 01, 2019
    Every fortnight we put the spotlight on one of our talented team from around New Zealand, asking them all about their life as a Vivo hairstylist! Today we talk to Shayna Thompson, Salon Manager at the busy salon in Avonhead, Christchurch.

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  • The Straightening Hair Brushes that actually work: Here’s our top 4 reasons why you need one!

    February 27, 2019
    The hottest product of 2019 so far is definitely the heated hairbrush! With the launch of the limited edition ghd glide -  this trend has been revived and the demand for this time-saving tool really has peaked. Here are our top five reasons why you NEED to add this styling tool to your beauty essentials list!

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  • The Top Hair Trends from the 2019 Oscars!

    February 26, 2019
    We are sure your news feeds are absolutely flooded with all the details about the Oscars that were held last night! Let’s dissect the top hair trends of 2019 Oscars!

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  • The secret to sleek and shiny straight hair WITHOUT using hot tools everyday!

    February 21, 2019
    We’ve all been there, the daily straightener usage, countless products that promise to hold - only to wake up in that slight kink and having to go through the motions once more. We know it’s damaging but we can’t stop - it’s an addiction! Well, now it’s time to overcome the daily straightening with a permanent option!

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  • HYPERPIGMENTATION: What is it, and how can we treat it?

    February 08, 2019
    Living in New Zealand, high levels of sun exposure, and consequently, skin damage are almost inevitable. While we can slip, slop and slap, years of living and playing under our Southern Hemisphere rays means that as we age, skin pigmentation disorders are very common.

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