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MEET THE VIVO SKIN TEAM: Pavla | Vivo Mairangi Bay

July 18, 2021
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We put the spotlight on one of our talented team from around New Zealand,  asking them all about their life as a part of the Vivo Team! Today we are talking with Pav - Skin Therapist at Vivo Skin Clinic Mairangi Bay - about her career and her favourite skin treatments.



Vivo Skin Clinic Mairangi Bay | North Shore, Ackland

What is your favourite Vivo Skin Clinic product?

My favourite product is PCA SKIN Intensive Age Refining Treatment that combines 0.5 per cent pure retinol with antioxidants, hydrating and soothing ingredients in an effective anti-aging serum. This product helps to stimulate cell turnover and remove dead cells from the skin's surface layer, which leads to a lightened, clear and even complexion. Retinol also smoothes fine lines and wrinkles while boosting collagen and elastin production, which makes it a must for any anti-aging skincare regimen. This magic product gives you everything you are asking for.

And of course SPF! And why? If we apply a powerful product to our skins we need to also protect our skin!

What is your favourite Vivo Skin Clinic therapy/treatment (s)?

My favourite skin treatments are chemical peels, Dermafrac, micro-needling and IPL and I am grateful that I am allowed to offer these amazing treatments to my lovely clients. The main concern of every client is pigmentation, ageing, scarring, acne and uneven skin. And I can achieve an amazing result with those skin treatments. I love helping other women to feel good about themselves and gain confidence in their own skin. Best feeling ever!

How did you become a skin therapist?

I have been a therapist for almost 20 years and I've been working for Vivo for over 4 years. I was inspired to join the beauty industry as I struggled with problematic skin in the past and never felt great about my skin. Over the two decades I have been in the industry, I am confident in helping my clients achieve their desired complexion, and making them feel amazing in their own skin. I believe that 70% of skin results come from homecare – the other 30% are specialised skin treatments. My treatment philosophy is to listen to my clients carefully, understand their concerns, how they feel and what they want to achieve.


A few words about yourself...

I am from the Czech Republic. I lived in London for 6 years. I am a student of holistic therapy and Integrative medicine. My motto is "Everything you can imagine is real"

To book a Free Skin Analysis Consultation with Pavla, call us on 0800 400 300 or 09 479 9797 or book online.


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