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New Client Balayage / Ombre Package

Balayage is a premium colouring technique, invented in France over 40 years ago. Achieve that gentle sun-kissed effect reminiscent of a child's natural summer highlights with this great new client offer. Beautiful blended effects in every colour imaginable are the hallmark of this technique. 

Ombre is the trend-setting younger cousin of Balayage. It provides a bolder, more contrasted gradient look with potential for a sharper divide line, allowing to recreate the careless chic of flaunting a grown-out colour. 

Dip-Dye is the fun-loving rebel of the Balayage family. Imagine leaning over a deep pool of vibrant colour and carefully dipping in just the tips of your hair for a stunning funky result. 

OLAPLEX - Take your shade of colour to new heights, while maintaining strength in your hair with OLAPLEX. Known as a “bond multiplier”, OLAPLEX will limit damage to your hair during or after colouring, working on a molecular level.

  • New Client Balayage or Ombre Package

    New Client Balayage or Ombre Package

    In-Depth Consultation

    Balayage/Ombre/Dip-Dye Colour

    Shampoo, Conditioning & Head Massage

    Goldwell Toner

    OLAPLEX Treatment

    Style Cut & Blow Wave Finish

    Aftercare Advice & Styling Recommendations


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  • Valid for clients that have not been to Vivo within the last 6 months.
  • For appointments, further info and Master Stylist pricing, please call 0800 400 300. 
  • Valid with all Senior Stylists at VIVO. 
  • Extra charges may apply from $12 for hair past shoulder length, thick hair or extended regrowth. Any additional services to be paid at salon.
  • Voucher valid for 12 months.
  • Offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or voucher.

VIVO Promise & No-Surprise Guarantee

When you visit VIVO we promise hair you'll love, or your money back. And if your service is going to cost extra (for example, for long/thick hair), we will tell you before we start, or you don't have to pay it.

Is this look right for me?

The colouring technique is infinitely versatile. We can create for you a truly unique look to suit exactly your preference.

Natural-but-better, classic, elegant, bold, funky, edgy, girly, romantic, playful, rebellious, glamorous, femme fatale, you name it.

Do I need long hair to rock this look?

You can rock this look with any length! While more widely known on longer hair, any of the balayage variations can create equally fabulous, head-turning results on medium and short tresses.

Will it look good on curls?

Whether you're pin-straight, wavy, or gifted with bouncy curls, this technique can show off your hair to its best advantage. Some variations work better with straight, others with wavy, and we'll help you create the look that works best with your hair.

Can I get a Sombre colour service with this offer?

Most definitely! Sombre (short for soft/subtle ombre) is the latest evolution of this classic technique - and team Vivo love love love it!

With Sombre you can enjoy the chic gradient effects of Ombre and Balayage in a super fresh, natural and youthful interpretation. Sombre adds volume and dimension to any hair colour, requires next to no maintenance and goes extra easy on your locks. Is also ideal if you want to try a gradient colour service but are a little cautious of the more contrasting looks. Perhaps the best celebrity hair trend yet!

How does it work with grey hair?

It works great! Whether you've got a handful of wisdom highlights or a full head of natural platinum, there's a multitude of beautiful, stunning styles to choose from. We can help you flaunt your silver by making a more even and pronounced natural gradient or adding a playful contrast shade, or give you a whole new colour root to tip with 100% grey coverage.

Is this a high-maintenance style?

Not at all! In fact, it may be one of the most low-maintenance colour services in existence!

Classic Balayage and Ombre don't even touch the hair near the scalp, so you will not get that pesky regrowth line at all. Depending on your initial colour and desired result, you may want to get the coloured section touched up with toner every few weeks to keep it fresh, but repeat lightening is not necessary. So in the long run balayage is more budget-friendly  than foils or full colour.

We will help you choose the colour and cut to work with your natural hair texture, so you won't have to spend hours in the morning to make your hair into something it isn't.

As with any lightening service, special at-home haircare is highly recommended, and we'll advise in detail during your appointment.

Is this service hard on the hair?

We will refresh your ends with a style cut. We use high-quality professional products that get the job done while being as gentle as possible on your hair. Semipermanent ammonia-free option is also available.

To ensure we preserve the health and integrity of your hair, we will lighten only up to 5 shades per sitting. As everyone's hair pigmentation and condition are different, the degree of lightening possible in one go will vary per client. We will discuss in detail before we start, to ensure we create for you the look both you and your locks will love.

That said, you don't have to go blonde for balayage. Lightening is needed only if you are after the sun-kissed look, or want to add a vibrant contrast to naturally dark hair (pinks, oranges, violets and blues need to be applied to preblonded hair, otherwise the colour will not show through). If you want darker ends (dip-dye or reverse ombre) or want to change only their hue (for example, add plum, cherry or copper tones to medium-brown hair), no prelightening is required. 

Are there any extra charges?

All essentials like shampoo, head massage and styling are already included in the package price. However, if you have long (below shoulder) and/or very thick hair, and/or extended regrowth, an extra charge from $12 would apply to cover the cost of the additional colouring product. We will advise you before we start - or you don't have to pay the extra.

In addition, if you already have colour in your hair, we advise you to come in for a free 15 minute consultation. If colour correction or pre-lightening services are required our stylists can advise you of any aditional costs at the time of your consultation.

When can I have my appointment?

Although opening hours vary slightly per salon, every VIVO salon is open Tuesday through Saturday. Late night and morning appointments are available.

Please see salon opening hours here

To check appointment availability, please call 0800 400 300.

Is this package valid with all VIVO Stylists?

This package is available with all our Senior Stylists. For Master Stylist or New Talent pricing details please call 0800 400 300.

To join the VIVO team, all stylist must pass a comprehensive trade test with a VIVO Master Stylist where they demonstrate their mastery in cutting, colouring and styling. All Stylists then undergo continuing education with our national Training and Development Program. This covers both technical aspects, including all classic hair services and brand new innovative techniques in cutting, colouring and styling - and VIVO philosophy, which is centered around understanding the Client needs and desires, and tailoring a personalised style just for them.

This way, you can count on every VIVO Stylist to deliver the VIVO Experience every time.

What products will you use for my hair?

For hair-care, colouring and styling we use only the professional Goldwell products. Goldwell is an international award-winning brand with more than 65 years of expertise in hairdressing innovation, available exclusively through hair salons. Goldwell are PETA members and do not test on animals.

What about parking?

All our salons have nearby parking. Please ask for details when making your appointment.


(Offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or voucher.)

(Bookings essentail, call 0800 400 300.)


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